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Heathcote 4 Little League
by posted 04/06/2021

Whats up team-

Congrats on being on Heathcote #4, preK Little League.  First game this Sunday at 9:30am at Winston Field #2 against Fox Meadow #1 (heard those guys are tough).

A few updates for you:  I have jerseys, pants, and hats for the kids and parents.  I'm happy to bring them to the first game.  But if you want to stop by my house and pick them up, would probably save time once we get there.  Let me know I'm happy to do that.  I'm at 14 Innes Road.

We're there for an hour each game.  The first 20 minutes is "practice".  And then last 40 minutes is the "game".  Games are non-competitive.  Every kid gets up, hits off the tee, runs to first base.  Second kid gets up, same thing, and first kid advances to second base, etc.  The last kid gets a home run and gets to clear the bases.  The inning is over when every kid gets up, and we keep alternating till we run out of time.

Gloves are not necessary, but would be nice if the kid has one.  The balls are foam, so not a big deal.

Masks are mandatory for everyone at all times..

And scarsdalelittleleague.com should have all the info you need, schedules, roster, etc.

Think that's about it.  Give me a call or email anytime if you have any questions.  See you Sunday!

-David Dorman



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