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Game 1 Recap: Rattlers Kick Asp, Defeat Emeralds 11-2
by posted 04/14/2021

(Note: I tend to send around game recaps for parents who were not at the game)


What started out as a beautiful day turned ominously gray at game time.  We only hoped it wasn't a portend of things to come. 

The first inning started out gray and gloomy, as the Rattlers gave up 2 runs with some shoddy defense.  Not to be deterred, our team fought back for a run in the bottom of the first thanks to a home run by Judah!  (And this was a legit home run, not a little league home run that is really a ground ball with 4 errors.)

The Rattlers settled down and threw scoreless innings for the next 3 innings, led by Xavier and Judah.  Unfortunately, our bats were silenced as well, and we entered the bottom of the 4th still down by the same 2-1 score.  

That's when the bats got rolling just like the clouds coming over the horizon.  Over the next two innings, the Rattlers put up 10 runs to take a 11-2 lead!  The team was led by a 2 run double from Lighning Ben in the 4th, and a matching 2 run double by Kyle in the 5th. 

Zach pitched scoreless 5th and 6th innings to notch the save.  Way to go, Rattlers!


Team record: 1-0

WP:  Judah (1-0)

Save: Zac (1)

HR: Judah (1)

RBI: Judah (2), Kyle (3), Lightning Ben (3), Ben P (1), Zac (2)

SB: Blake (1)


Next game: Saturday 11 AM vs. Riverdogs @ Crossway 2

Practice: Thursday 6 PM @ Fox Meadow (weather permitting)

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Rattlers: Game Tonight
by posted 04/14/2021

Hi all, looking forward to our first official game of the season tonight!  6PM at Hyatt Field.  (Hyatt Field is near the Scarsdale / Eastchester border, near the Edgewood section of town.  If you go to Crossway, you will be on the complete opposite side of town!) 

Please let me know ASAP if you are unable to attend. 


A few items to note: 

-Pete and I are still getting to know your players, and where they can / cannot be placed.  As we get through the beginning parts of the season, there may be less positional rotation than in years past.  We will work with the players to get them to the point where everyone can safely play each position by the end of the year... but these first few games you'll see a lot of the same kids pitching, catching, and playing first base. 

-When it comes to catching, Pete and I have two sets of catcher's gear: one from SLL and one from fall ball a few years back.  Glad I held onto that one.  Historically, catchers were swapped in and out, perhaps every inning.  We are going to take a more conservative approach, and have 2 kids catch each game (3 innings each), with each kid getting their own set of catcher's gear.  We will wipe down the catcher's gear between games.  Now, I am not COVID-phobic, but this just seems like the right precaution to take.  With my knowledge of restrictions on hockey programs, sharing of equipment was always verboten.  

-For kids who are on both Travel (Scarsdale or other), there are strict pitch count limits that we are often under.  Please note that Pete and I are aware of these limits, and who can / cannot pitch each game.  For those travel parents, please confirm when your son is under a strict "no pitch" limit.  We will do our best to limit innings on THIS team. 

-I also like to try to get the pitching and catching assignments out ahead of time, in the event that your kids like to know in advance.  This is always subject to change. Also, keep in mind that Inning 5 is a crapshoot as to whether we play it or not, and Inning 6 is a REAL crapshoot as to whether we play or not. 


Innings 1-2:  Xavier    

Innings 3-4:  John

Innings 5-6:  Zac

Bullpen (1 or 2 batters, depending on game situation):  Judah, Kyle



Innings 1-3:  Zac

Innings 4-6: Kyle

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SLL - Schedule has been updated
by posted 04/07/2021

Hi parents - the schedule for this spring has been updated within the scarsdalelittleleague.com website.  A few items to note: 


1. Our first game is this Saturday 4/10 at 11 AM at Crossway 2.  

2. It appears that there is no game during Memorial Day weekend.  We have bookend games the Wednesday before and the Wednesday after. 

3. A reminder that practice is Thursday 6 PM at Fox Meadow! 


We look forward to meeting you and coaching your kids!

Coach Chris

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