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To the Scarsdale Community:

As we all know, concussions are a concern we all share as it relates to our children; especially those playing competitive athletics.  Although the incidence of concussions in baseball is not as great as it is in other sports, Scarsdale Little League wants to offer a resource to anyone who is concerned about this medical issue. Dr. Neil Roth, a former Scarsdale Little League Board Member, has offered a discount at his institute to those interested in undergoing baseline testing http://www.nysportsmedicineinstitute.com/baseline-testing-sll/. WE WANT TO THANK DR. ROTH FOR MAKING THIS DISCOUNTED SERVICE AVAILABLE TO OUR BASEBALL COMMUNITY. PLEASE NOTE THAT there are a number of different resources throughout our community which can care for those affected with concussions, Consultation with your pediatrician before making any medical decision is always recommended.  BELOW IS A LETTER FROM DR. ROTH WITH MORE INFORMATION AND DETAILS ON BASELINE TESTING AND THE COST AND HOW TO REGISTER FOR BASELINE TESTING.  WE ARE LOOKING FORWARD TO A GREAT SPRING SEASON AND SEEING EVERYONE OUT ON THE DIAMOND. 


Scarsdale Little League Board



February 2015

To Scarsdale Little League Parents,

My name is Neil Roth MD, a long time Scarsdale resident and parent, former Scarsdale LL board member, as well as the founder of the New York Sports Medicine Institute (NYSMI). As an orthopedic surgeon, specializing in sports medicine, I started NYSMI to provide comprehensive care to the athlete. While I may specialize in knee and shoulder injuries, concussion in youth sports is a critically important matter affecting players both athletically and academically.


With that in mind, I founded NYSMI | Concussion Care as a comprehensive center with expertise in the assessment and treatment of individuals with concussions and head injuries. We are a Credentialed ImPACT® Consultant, offering both baseline and follow-up ImPACT® (Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing); the most widely used and most scientifically validated computerized concussion evaluation system, as well as the King-Devick, Sway Balance and Neurocom evaluations used for comprehensive balance testing.


We have a team of physicians, nurse practitioners, and physical therapists specializing in concussions, all of whom are dedicated to educating and treating young athletes who suffer concussions and allowing them to return to play and school in a safe and timely manner.


In an effort to improve the safety of our children on the field through concussion awareness, education and appropriate management, I would like to offer each of the Scarsdale Little Leaguers comprehensive baseline concussion testing at a significantly reduced rate from our usual fees.


We are offering all Scarsdale Little League players the following:


Baseline testing to each of your athletes for the Spring 2015 season for a single fee of $25 per player.

At NYSMI, our testing includes ImPACT®, a neuro-cognitive test (for ages 10+), as well as the King-Devick, Sway Balance and Neurocom evaluations (for all ages) used for comprehensive balance testing, administered by our trained health care professionals. This combination of tests are used to assess an athlete’s balance and brain function (including learning and memory skills, ability to pay attention or concentrate, and how quickly he or she thinks and solve problems), as well as for the presence of any concussion symptoms. Results from these baseline tests (or pre-injury tests) are then compared to tests conducted in the unfortunate event that your child has a suspected concussion.


We are pleased to offer two options for testing:


  • Self-administered ImPACT testing at home (ages 10+); along with follow-up King-Devick, Sway Balance and Neurocom balance evaluations (all ages) at our offices.


  • Comprehensive testing at our state-of-the-art facility in White Plains; including ImPACT® (ages 10+), King-Devick, Sway Balance and Neurocom evaluations (all ages).


Whichever option you choose, we will call to walk you through the entire process. Each test will be evaluated by our trained staff and you will receive the results, which will also be kept in our files for future reference.
Please CLICK HERE to sign up.


Feel free to email us anytime at or call our office at 914-220-8711. Thank you for your time and consideration. We are pleased to offer our services to help build a safer, healthier, athletic community.


Neil S. Roth, MD

Founder, New York Sports Medicine Institute | Concussion Care